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Sst dsa

You have from 9am on Tuesday, 12 May to 3pm on Friday, 5 June to submit your child's application. Follow these steps:. The application is made up of 2 parts: 1 Getting a registration number and 2 Accessing the DSA-Sec portal with the given registration number. You are required to provide the following documents in digital copies during the process:. Note : DSA-Sec application has closed. Refer to the schools' websites for more information.

DSA and EUV: Complementary technologies to enable fine- pitch lithography

Mainstream primary school. Follow these steps: Use this application template to help you prepare the relevant information together with your child, before starting the online application. Indicate up to 3 choices and 3 talent areas.

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You may indicate up to 2 talent areas for the same school. If you want to apply for 2 talent areas at the same school, you must indicate both as separate choices.

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You do not need to input these information. You may provide information on non-school based activities and achievements, which are related to your child's chosen talent areas.

This section is non-compulsory, with a limit of 10 entries and no supporting documents are needed. Enter your contact details correctly.

This allows the schools to contact you if your child is shortlisted for the selection process. You can update, withdraw and re-submit your application during the application period. Refer to this guide for detailed instructions. If you are unable to apply online, approach your child's primary school for assistance. Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. Documents required You are required to provide the following documents in digital copies during the process: Your child's birth certificate.

International student. Dependant's pass, immigration exemption order or student pass if any. Ensure that documents are valid at the point of registration and in English or with an accompanying English translation. Next: Attend interviews, auditions or trials.Sst Dsa Kiasu Parents. How have you been doing so far. Decked out in our finest gear, Victorians welcomed close to 1, visitors. It's difficult to say what sorts of questions are asked cos they're so varied, depending on the school and the type of DSA.

Parent Engagement Parents to keep one of the slips. But it's still somewhere in the distance. A letter with.

Very often, due to the parent's kiasu attitude, a child's dream is ignored if deemed unprestigious. You are encouraged to discuss this matter with your parents, teachers or Dr Piriya ECG counsellor if you need any clarification. DSA provides a pathway for students to gain direct entry to secondary schools based on their talents and achievements that may not be demonstrated at the Primary School Leaving Examinations PSLE. You can refer to this link for information.

To help parents and caregivers weigh the risks and benefits of their options. This is the central theme of KIASU, a comedy This movie was funny but also very daring in terms of how it dared to portrait the parents in a very unflattering light.

All forms printed after June 26, will have the new format. DS form for foreign interns and trainees in the USA. Interest of DSA over time. The DS which is the Certificate of Eligibility cannot be given to students who have private funding unless they attend under an agreement such as an exchange agreement or are extending their program when they were on non-private funds. Independent news alerts, reviews, ratings and comments from parents, students, and educationists.

sst dsa

Programme: Through […]. Equivalent Course: SST As an international student, you were issued an I or DS with a program end date. Keep an eye on the SFE website; there should be a link to print one off once they become. Obtaining your I or DS However, Mr Chan Chun Sing begs to differ.

Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec): Apply

This completely kills a child's love for a language. There will be a briefing on the GEP for parents and pupils in early November. Art prints, stickers and apparel can be found on our Threadless site.

Step Up of Precautionary Measures for Novel Coronavirus nCoV Dear Parents, With effect from tomorrow, 5 Febwe will step up on the precautionary measures that we are taking in school as follows: 1.Find Out More.

During this peri Dear Parents, MOE has recently shared an announcement on schools to re-open with enhanced precautionary measures. We have shared the announcement through the Parents Gateway about the course of action A range of character, leadership and citizenship education programmes are offered to equip our students with the skills they need to become innovators with a global vision.

We stay connected with our fellow alumni and are proud to say that they have contributed to the SST community in many ways. They are indeed an inspiration to their juniors across various batches.

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The school is honoured to celebrate their achievements and provide support for their goals. Hear what our Alumni have to say… Currently […]. In this space, you will find information about what the media has written about SST, and what SST has produced to inform our stakeholders, the public and the media about the exciting and life-changing experiences in SST. Here are the highlights over the years: Should you have any further queries, please contact us at […]. Visits SST Read.

SST Publications Read. Collection of School Graduation Certificate Monday to Thursdaya. FridaySchool Holidays: a. Monday to Thursday a. Back to top.DSA and EUV should be envisioned as complementary, not competing, techniques that will eventually become mainstream for fine-pitch lithography.

Advances in lithography have always been critical in the drive toward each subsequent semiconductor node. Anticipating limitations in the scaling ability of immersion lithographythe industry has been pursuing next-generation lithography techniques. Several techniques have been proposed, including extreme ultraviolet EUV lithography, multibeam electron-beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography and directed self-assembly DSA of block copolymers.

DSA attracted a great deal of interest from major semiconductor manufacturers for several years, following its initial development in the early s. However, it has since fallen out of favor to some extent, in part because of advances in EUV lithography as a result of focused investment in that technology. Recent developments in DSA materials and processing promise to overcome concerns that have delayed its implementation.

Choosing an appropriate lithography technique does not need to be an either-or proposition. Although these two technologies are sometimes seen as competing, it makes more sense to envision them as complementary.

This article explains how lithography may benefit by taking advantage of both EUV and DSA, and why previously existing roadblocks may no longer pose obstacles. Unlike most lithography techniques, where the mask defines the pattern, in DSA the pattern exists in the material itself. The process flow for BCP deposition is straightforward. A neutral layer spin-coated onto the substrate allows for the BCP to separate into its individual domains during the thermal annealing process.

The neutral layer allows for domain separation because it does not have affinity for either of the polymer chains in the BCP. Polymer domain separation is responsible for pattern formation. Graphoepitaxy leverages topography to align the BCPs, depositing them into relatively deep trenches. Guide patterns define the trenches, confining the BCPs into configurations in which they align in a preferred direction. Chemical epitaxy, or chemoepitaxy, is based on a chemical pattern on a flat substrate, on top of which the BCPs self-align.

The semiconductor industry is pursuing both graphoepitaxy and chemoepitaxy approaches, favoring the former for producing fine-pitch vias and the latter for creating arrays of parallel lines. The annealing step can be lengthy—up to two hours to create structures with sufficiently low defect rates—adding cost to the process.

Worldwide, 1. This quantity is greater than the needs of the entire semiconductor industry. Therefore, although no commercially produced DSA materials are currently targeted for semiconductor applications, the infra- structure is in place to scale up production of suitable materials when the industry is ready.

Major semiconductor industry players originally believed DSA would enter commercial production anywhere between the 14nm and 7nm logic nodes, and even sooner for DRAM; but so far that has not come to pass. But some IDMs would like to accelerate the process, and there are reasons to believe this is not only possible, but desirable.

Decreasing the wavelength to nm immersion lithography has enabled line width and spacing down to 80nm. Immersion lithography is reaching its limits, providing an opportunity for next-generation lithographic techniques. Designs with critical dimensions CD in the range of 10nm to 30nm create a sweet spot for these state-of-the-art techniques. EUV lithography can create vias with 30nm or 40nm spacing that are not feasible with immersion lithography. DSA enables even finer resolution than the semicon- ductor industry currently demands.

Feature sizes are just now approaching a level where DSA can be especially effective. If these trends continue, the technique is poised to be widely adopted before the end of this decade.

The relevance of distributional properties in firm dynamics

The most effective solution may lie in leveraging EUV and DSA technologies to take advantage of the strengths of each. Both methods can achieve resolution levels that are compatible with the N7 and N5 logic nodes.Schools offer different talent areas and each has its own selection process and schedule.

Visit the schools' websites for more information. Once you have explored and shortlisted the schools, submit your child's application online through the DSA-Sec portal by 3pm on Friday, 5 June Different schools have different selection processes.

If shortlisted, your child may have to attend e-interviews and e-auditions or trials. What is DSA-Sec? Students apply based on their talent in sports, CCAs and specific academic areas.

If your child is admitted to a secondary school through DSA-Sec, they are not allowed to: Submit school choices during the Secondary 1 S1 posting process.

Transfer to another school. They must commit to their chosen school for the duration of the programme.


Who can apply Primary 6 students can apply for DSA-Sec based on a wide-range of talents, including: Sports and games Visual, literary and performing arts Debate and public speaking Science, mathematics and engineering Languages and humanities Uniformed groups Leadership for example, prefects How to apply Students can apply through the DSA-Sec portal.

There are no application fees. Key dates Jan to May Explore school choices Schools offer different talent areas and each has its own selection process and schedule.

Apply Once you have explored and shortlisted the schools, submit your child's application online through the DSA-Sec portal by 3pm on Friday, 5 June How to apply. Attend electronic interviews or auditions Different schools have different selection processes. Overview Selection outcomes. Overview Allocation outcomes Report to secondary school.Forgot password? Post by thinkie.

PSLE results are used as key admission criteria. What's the difference between these two schools. From what I have read, seems like both schools' emphasis are on Math and Science. The school aims to prepare students for uni eventually. Curriculum focus is different. Best to read more from their web sites. So I hope to weigh in on this issue which was discussed aeons ago and provide a more holistic perspective.

I will try to make this comparison as constructive as possible. There are 2 key main differences being the qualifications and curriculum. Both require strong foundations in the Sciences and both schools cater to different learning styles. So it is important to consider what kind of your learning style is most suitable for your child. This was the consideration I had when deciding with my child to which school he should apply to.

The answer is that the paths taken are very very diverse. My opinion is that the SST curriculum allows students to be more flexible in a certain sense to decide which educational pathway. On the other end, the NUSH diploma has its own merits as well as discussedthe diploma is well grounded in the academia side of the sciences and of course, NUSH Diploma holders also head over to uni.

sst dsa

Nothing much to elaborate here because it's a pretty straightforward route to uni for those with NUSH Diploma Both schools have strong credentials and track records. So ultimately, it is up to your child's learning style. Both schools have their perks and they have their differences, so ultimately it's up to the child to decide which school's curriculum really appeals to them.

SST, as mentioned, is very Science and Maths based. Chemistry is compulsory. The other science subject can be either Physics or Biology.

Students also choose from one of the applied subjects which are computing, biotechnology, design studies and electronics. If you think of sending you DC to polytechnics, then the applied subjects will give them the edge over students from other national schools.

Basically, theses subjects taught by Ngee Ann Polytechnic will give them a leg up. Of course, as mentioned, SST students can also opt to proceed to JCs if they don't want the polytechnic route. So as to decide if my child even stands a chance if we were to apply for the DSA.Please try our Uninstaller.

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Download and save locally on your device. Read and agree to the license terms and conditions Select Install. The terms of the software license agreement included with any software you download will control your use of the software.

I accept the terms in the license agreement. I do not accept the terms in the license agreement.

sst dsa

Contact support. Our goal is to make Download Center a valuable resource for you. Please submit your comments, questions, or suggestions here.

Selection Criteria

Contact Support. Your comments have been sent. Thank you for your feedback. Your personal information will be used to respond to this inquiry only. Your name and email address will not be added to any mailing list, and you will not receive email from Intel Corporation unless requested.

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