Solo leveling 183

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Solo leveling 183

The Japanese government offered up a suite in a five-star luxury hotel for Jin-Woo so he could rest in comfort until his departure from the country. We beg of you, Hunter-nim. But then, he ended up changing his mind after hearing the desperate plea of the Japanese government. Jin-Woo studied the gleaming furniture that sparkled brightly as if they were purchased only yesterday, before walking over to the window to look outside. This allowed him to take in the sight of the cityscape all at once.

He heard from somewhere that the better the view, the higher the real estate price would get. And as expected, the view of the city draped in the darkness of the night was as arresting as the exorbitant price the suite had alluded to.

Jin-Woo recalled the sight of the ruined city of Tokyo and tutted to himself. In fact, he felt relieved that he got here just in time before things could get even worse for Japan. After a few nights spent camping outdoors, this one night spent in the hotel proved to be rather bloody fantastic.

The Association employee tasked with guiding Jin-Woo greeted him using fluent Korean. What excellent timing it was since he was beginning to feel bored, staying cooped up in the hotel room. Jin-Woo went and picked up his bag that had been discarded in the corner of the suite somewhere and returned to the door. Just as Jin-Woo was about to leave the suite, the employee saw the state he was in currently and formed a flustered expression.

Blood and sweat stained both his shirts and pants, serving as clear evidence of the intense battles he had gone through during the last few days. From the get-go, it was plainly impossible to evade every single drop of the massive quantity of blood spewing out from bodies of the Giants.

Since the rest of his clothes were in a similarly sorry state, all he could do was to helplessly shrug his shoulders as his reply. The employee suddenly broke out in a grin and politely made his inquiry.

That was one of the better suggestions he heard the whole day. Please wait here for a little while longer. Jin-Woo formed a bit of a suspicious expression, which prompted the employee to answer with a happy smile. Jin-Woo watched as the business suits were sorted into different colours and sizes in an instant, and somehow managed to keep the gasps of astonishment to himself. The services he received so far had already been amply satisfactory. Jin-Woo scanned the displayed business suits before picking the one that seemed to fit his size.

After swapping out his duds, he stood before the mirror to take a look. Maybe because all the prepared suits were high-end items, he came across as a completely new person. A smile automatically bloomed on his face.I Alone Leve up Chapter Solo Leveling Novel CH The Japanese government offered Jin-woo a five-star hotel so that he could relax before leaving the country.

I beg you, Hunter. Then I looked down at the view of the city. The better the outlook, the higher the price of the house, the better the night view was. This city was almost burned down by the captains.

I felt fortunate to arrive in Japan before it was too late. Jin-woo returned with the bag he had thrown in the corner. Do you have any extra clothes? His upper and lower arms were stained with blood and sweat, with the traces of fierce fighting. It was said that I was very careful, but. All the other clothes were similar, so Jin-woo answered by shrugging his shoulders instead. The clerk smiled and asked politely. Please wait a minute.

solo leveling 183

Have you? An employee answered Jin-woo with a stare of surprise. I felt that the Hunter Association of Japan was struggling. Jin-woo, who was looking around the suits, stood in front of the mirror with a suit of appropriate size changed.

They looked very different because all the clothes they had brought were top-of-the-line suits. As I turned around, I was surprised to see if there was any extra clothes. Soon, a black sedan with Jin-woo on board left for the airport. People, people, and people who look out of the car window. But it was something that only Jin-woo could do. No one was willing to take care of the national disaster that took place in Japan.

Everyone joined in chorus that Japan was over. But then. The announcement came from Ko Gun-hee, president of the Korean Hunter Association, who may be more famous than the Korean president in the neighboring country.

Countless Japanese watching the press conference live stopped breathing and focused on the screen. Who is that Hunter? It is widely known that Jin-woo is a Hunter who handled all the S-class ants that occupied Jeju Island by himself.Solo Leveling is an ongoing Korean web novel written by Sung-Lak.

This novel encompasses a whole new idea of fantasy. Covering various genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and Webtoons, this one will be worth your time. This pathway or portal connected the monster world of dungeons to the world of ours. This allowed normal human beings to become demon assassins and demon hunters within the gate.

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He barely possesses any skill to withstand a demon in front of him. An E-rank hunter, he struggles to get to the top. At the E-rank, participating in illegitimate fights, he also struggles to make enough money for her mother.

So he takes the risk of entering the D-rank dungeon. ANd with no surprises, he gets bashed down by demons harshly. Having multiple injuries, he waits for his final breath to come in Solo Leveling Light Novel. But just before he gives in, he receives a mysterious power, a quest that only he could see. The quest log brings a list of objectives, which if completed, could significantly rank him up the charts. With this, he quickly becomes the S-rank hunter, one of the elites, and moves on to hunt more demons to become the immortal!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yep been reading the manga but its way to slow to update, i never blame the mangaka though. Nothing to blame. I like the story. Again thank you so much. I mean it starts around chapter sorry i wanted to edit the comment but the feature is not available.This novel encompasses a whole new idea of fantasy. Covering various genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and Webtoons, this one will be worth your time.

I Alone Level-Up Solo Leveling Chapter 183

IT all started strangely when door portal seen on the earth. As the gate of dungeon world opened up for monster hunter. The furious and most experienced professional hunter gained access and entered in this hunting avenue.

The dungeon gate was the invitational access for the monster hunter to cut the flesh and flow the blood of the monster to the valley.

solo leveling 183

The novel story is a hunting story in which hunters are just hunting monster to higher their rank and earn more. And more by killing the monster as it gives them the social pride, dignity and wealth. According to the light novel solo leveling and to earn more to fulfill his needs. But he was aware of his this actions result.

Which if he complete he would level up faster and can be ranked up in this ranking system. These logs can help him to not only rank up but also get aware of some new unmatched power. Which can help him in hunting the dungeon valley monster. According to me the ending was not proper. And he has achieved the s rank the topmost hunter rank.

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solo leveling 183

So nice to discover somebody with unique thoughts on this subject. This website is one thing that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality! Remember Me. Log in Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Username or Email Address. Home Action Solo Leveling. Your Rating. Solo Leveling Average 4. Gee So-Lyung. ActionAdventureFantasyShounenSupernatural. Read First Read Last.

solo leveling 183

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Solo Leveling - Capítulo 183

Poison Genius Consort. Imperial God Emperor. Absolute Choice.He resumed staring back at the results as if to bore a hole through the paper and carefully asked his question some time later. Only up until last night, he was hanging precariously on the edge of death. The doctor nodded his as if he knew that answer was coming. Then, he formed a troubled expression as he made his reply.

No, wait. His own two eyes definitely saw the results, yet he could hardly believe them even then. Chairman Yu collapsed for the first time a few weeks ago and was brought to this hospital back then. The results of tests taken on that day were printed on a separate medical chart, and the ink on that thing barely had the chance to dry properly yet.

So, how could anyone go about explaining this completely befuddling test result coming out only a few weeks later? Did he drastically change his lifestyle or some such during that time period?

Not to forget, he was wasting away from an incurable illness only a night before, too. The doctor in charge confessed what was in his mind without holding back.

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This… this can only be described as a miracle and nothing else. Your Eternal Sleep disorder has been cured completely. He then added that the Chairman was healthy enough to start running the length of a full marathon course right now if he wanted to.

Instead of celebrating, Yu Myung-Han pondered something for a while before raising his head to look at the doctor. Are there any cameras installed inside the room or around the entrance itself? Indeed, this matter had gone far beyond treating it as pure coincidence now. There was little doubt that someone possessing an unfathomable ability had intervened in this matter somehow. Yu Myung-Han had lived without owing anyone in his entire life.

But then again, how was he supposed to go about paying the debt of saving his life? No, more than that. This is the only odd thing that happened, the doorway malfunctioning this one time. The guard pointed at the screen and explained what happened back then. The windows were confirmed to be locked from the inside, so the sole exit left in that hospital room was the doorway.

However, all four guards manning the door said the same thing. They said that not even a single ant had entered the room during their watch. Around this time, Secretary Kim hurriedly entered the security room as well to bring some news. Here he was, thinking that no one else would be capable of making this event happen unless it was Hunter Sung Jin-Woo himself. Yu Myung-Han finally admitted to making a wrong guess.

Solo Leveling Novel – Chapter 182

Even though he had confirmed through all this evidence, why did a certain amount of suspicion remain rooted in the corner of his heart? I shall return to the company tomorrow so make the appropriate arrangements, please. Having realised that the attitude of Yu Myung-Han was still the same as before, Secretary Kim barely held back his laughter and replied.

Do you know what the mass media is calling you right now?Beberapa wajah yang dikenal Jin Woo duduk di kursi di sebelahnya. Mata biru,aksen Korea yang lancar dari mulut orang asing,sepertinya selalu memberi kesan yang tidak cocok. Jin Woo duduk dengan mata terpaku padanya. Jin Woo lalu melihat ke sekeliling.

Dua Hunter senior berada di kabin kelas satu,tetapi keduanya tampaknya milik Biro Hunter. Dua pria berjas hitam datang untuk memberi hormat kepada Jin Woo. Mengapa agen mengenakan jas hitam? Apa dia ingin memberitahu orang jika dia seorang agen? Ketika Jin Woo menatap kedua pria itu dengan rasa ingin tahu yang tidak perlu. Adam White meledak kagum. Jin Woo melambaikan tangannya. Hari itu Jin Woo muak dengan permintaan maaf dari wakil direktur Biro Hunter.

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Dan dia tidak ingin mengingatnya lagi sekarang. Satu pertanyaan adalah mengapa agen dari Biro Hunter,yang telah menjauhkan diri dari saat itu, muncul kembali saat ini. Walau tidak terlalu merepotkan,tapi ini akan melelahkan jika terjadi berulang-ulang. Jika bukan Gates Rank-S,lalu apa? Apa ini ada hubungannya dengan terbunuhnya Monarch raksasa? Ketika dia melihat Jin Woo menunjukkan minatnya,Adam mengeluarkan laptopnya. Dalam klip video di layar laptopnya,asap hitam membumbung tinggi,seolah-olah kebakaran hutan besar-besaran telah terjadi.

Adam lalu menyerahkan laptop itu kepada Jin Woo. Jin Woo kemudian menonton video itu. Petugas pemadam kebakaran berjuang untuk mengendalikan api yang membesar.

Solo Leveling Chapter 182 Novel

Itu adalah nyala api mana. Aku tidak bisa memadamkannya! Jika kau menyentuh api itu,kau akan menjadi bongkahan arang! Para pemadam kebakaran dilanda panik setelah mendengar itu. Bagaimanapun nyala api itu tidak menunjukkan tanda-tanda akan melemah.

Sebaliknya,ia telah memperluas wilayahnya dan menyerang hutan sedikit demi sedikit. Pohon hangus,pohon lainnya yang tumbang kembali terbakar dan menyebabkan kebakaran lagi. Api itu mengalir deras seperti amarah. Pada kedatangan helikopter yang tepat waktu,para Hunter Class Mage turun. Mereka lalu mencurahkan banyak air. Nyala api perlahan-lahan padam ketika siraman air menghantam hutan puluhan kali.

Jin Woo menatap layar dengan lebih dekat. Dari kekuatan sihirnya sudah jelas menunjukkan bahwa mereka adalah Hunter kelas atas. Itu adalah nyala api yang hampir tidak bisa dikendalikan bahkan ketika beberapa Hunter kelas atas mencoba memadamkannya.

Orang yang bertanggung jawab atas insiden ini pasti bukanlah Hunter biasa. Petugas pemadam kebakaran sangat mengagumi para Hunter yang berhasil menangani api. Bahkan jika para Hunter sedikit terlambat,akan banyak korban yang muncul.

Tak lama,saat video itu akan segera berakhir.The International Conference of Guilds. It was a great event to discuss the tendencies and perspectives of the Hunters system inviting the guilds that represent each country. However, the guild 'Ah-Jin' was chosen as the representative of Korea. The participation of 'Ah Jin' has created a great theme both at home and abroad.

The best hunter in Korea belongs to that Guild, the disadvantage of this was that Jin-Woo was the only member who dabbled. However, the Hunter Bureau of EE.

UU I confirm that the Ah-Jin Guild, although it is only worked by one person, was as important as the other best qualified guilds in the world. And of course, there was no one who complained about this. Did you need to discuss the qualifications? Jin-Woo had twice avoided a major crisis in both South Korea and Japan that almost led to the crisis.

So there was no one who doubted Jin-woo's ability for his Ah-Jin guild, consisting of only three people, to be invited by the Hunter Bureau. Rather, there were many people who could not hide their emotion, since the most powerful Hunters scattered all over the world would meet in one place and in addition, another strong Hunter would come.

Some of the world's mainstream media had talked about the Ah-Jin Guild as well as about the International Guild Conference. Of course, Korea was not the exception.

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As interest in the guild's international conference increased, a radio and television station requested an interview with the representative of the Hunters' Guild. Choi Jong-in, Master GuildMaster of the Hunters Guild, I accept The interview would be broadcast live across the country at 8 pm, prime time of the broadcast station.

On the bulletin board ed: social media was full of complaints from women who said that the Hunters' Guild should have been invited by the [Hunter Bureau]. Choi" The host woman, with her head bowed, raised the question she had prepared. What do you think of that Mr. Just before he finished laughing, Choi continued. Although Choi's decisive attitude rejected the audience, the person who said those comments Choi remained calm.

He was able to defend his words after seeing Jin-Woo's performance directly and indirectly. Even so When he remembered the look of Jin-Woo, who made his way through the ants that surrounded him, a chill ran down his spine. The host smiled satisfied and carefully examined Choi's reaction face.

The laughter of the audience gradually decreased and the host's eyes became serious. From now on it was the main point of his speech. The tense atmosphere was brought by Choi's expression. Naturally, everyone turned to his lips.

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Choi Jong-in, who was quite familiar with the interviews, paused briefly before opening his mouth again. When the weight of the words weighed everyone in the room, they lost their words and looked at Choi Jong-in.

Choi continued interview. Although I did not induce it on purpose, it somehow brought a solemn atmosphere. To alleviate the mood a bit, Choi smiled and concluded: "I am really proud of the fact that Hunter Sung Jin-Woo was chosen as the Korean representative hunter.


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